Hart's 28th Birthday


Hart turns 28 on Friday, May 3rd! Hannah and Mike came down this week, so last night we celebrated Hart's birthday dinner a little early with family and some friends!
The kids wanted to put their feet in the pool.
 Well, you know how that goes...
Before long they were DRENCHED in  the 71 degree pool water! Clothes sopping wet!
Pure bliss!
They loved throwing these duckies into the pool and asking us to retrieve them with the pool net skimmer!

Turner got some love from Mrs. Gail AND his doggy Bailey!

We ate a delicious birthday dinner of Hart's choosing: Palmetto Cheese hamburgers, sweet potato fries, fruite, and of course his favorite cake ever... Home-made German Chocolate Cake made with love by ME! I make this fancy cake every year from scratch for my love! He would eat the whole thing if I'd let him!
It was a special time!

Happy Birthday, HART!!!! We love YOU!

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