Cai's First Fishing "Trip"


Cai had his first fishing "trip" last week! Hart and I had a date night and Cai spent the night with my mom and Bear Bear. The next morning, they went to our friends land at Barber Photography's studio, where they have a man-made pond full of fish outside! Being family friends, they let them go fishing and they caught LOTS of fish! Cai LOVED it!
My step-dad "Bear Bear" has waited 2.5 years for this moment!!! My mom bought Cai a shirt that says "Knee High to a Grasshopper!" to celebrate!
Of course, mommy also used this time as a cute little photo shoot for a new hand-made by mommy vest.
Fishing wore him out!
Is this not the cutest little place to have had your first fishing "trip"?
It's very hobbit-esque, isn't it?!
I'm very thankful to my Bear Bear for taking his grandson fishing for the first time! He loved it!

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