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Good photos go hand-in-hand with blogging for me! I'm just not going to put the extra blogging time in, if I don't have pretty pictures! I probably shouldn't be that way! My dslr crashed a few months ago and after saving and hunting for an awesome deal, God provided! One of my brothers who works at Target found a Black Friday DSLR kit (2 lenses, bag, SD card) for a Canon T3!!! God is amazing! We were just about to pay over $100 more for a used next model up version of this camera! So blessed and thankful for this new camera!!!

 I can take great family photos again, worth spending the money right there for me, and I am just so thankful for God for all the material blessings he provides for us! Mini-van, Dslr... baby... no, wait... can't check that off yet! Hopefully, this adoption will happen sometime this summer, right!? God's time. God's time!

Look how HOTT (two T's) my husband is... no wait... don't sin... just *note* how his belly is shrinking because I've made him give up processed sugar! He whines and complains, but he's losing weight and he's happy about it... Pictures don't lie! 

Now to the point of this blog post! We went to lunch with Hart today, and I tried out the new super zoom lens as I call it! The 75 - 300mm! I was sitting across the park on a bench and able to shoot these photos of my guys playing!
Cai climbed all the way up one of those jungle things all by himself and I got underneath him. Pictures like these next few mean the world to a mama!
I love this little baby face!
He climbed the jungle thingy all buy himself without falling and then fell once on top of the play ground... uh oh!
This child ALWAYS completely loses it at the first sign of pain. It takes kisses and love to make anything better. He wanted a band-aid for his face! ha!
Hart had his turn at being the photographer, too!
Cai loves "eee-gloos" right now... (igloos). He loves to turn our papasan chair over on our porch and climb under it and say it's an igloo. Well, fun deal, this Columbia park has an "eee-gloo" as he calls them.

Adoption news: no news... it's been 6 months (just about) waiting! We've decided to commit becoming Foster Parents to prayer, but have NO idea if God will move that way in us yet. Will you pray for us, too? We've been told over and over again that it's the fastest way to get young children in DSS. It also comes with the understanding that our home *COULD* be a temporary home for the child placed in it. Foster parents get the first choice to adopt the children in their home and you get to know the children in your home, before making any major decisions, but with that could mean we fall head over heels and then have to say good-bye. Becoming Foster Parents would mean we would stay on the Adoptions side at DSS to be considered AND be considered on the Foster Care side, as well. We don't want to be driven by fear of losing the children in our home if we go this route. We don't want to rush God's timing for this adoption. We want his perfect plan! All we are doing at this point is praying over it. Sometimes the very thing you say you will never do, is the very thing God calls you to. We are praying for the One who directs our paths to show us the way to go! We know He will! Please keep praying for us!

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