Naomi and Micaiah 1st time Swimming!


Hart's sister and brother in law are getting settled in Greenville, SC and we are SO glad that they live so much closer. They came down for their cousin's wedding and to spend some time with us! We had a great Sunday afternoon together and got the babies in the pool. If you know Hart's mama, you know she LOVES her pool. She goes swimming in 55 degree water and starts March 1st and stays in until October daily. I can handle it if I get hot enough, if the water is 75 and up, but this weekend the pool is at 80 degrees, still cool, but really nice once you get in. We got the babies in, even though it was cold at first, they absolutely LOVED it!
Naomi Jane Dixon in her adorable suit that I got and monogrammed for her!I love my niece!
My sweet boy! 
Who really just wanted to be in the POOL!
Micaiah started clapping his hands with enjoyment and excitement looking to Naomi to get excited, too!
Ooooo! That's cold!

But, we love it!
This is Jane's Dream!
Sunday Nap...Father like Son!

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