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Hey everyone, The State newspaper (South Carolina's main newspaper) is holding a "Reader's Choice" where we the readers can vote for our favorite things. The list ranges from restaurants to clothing stores. Two of the categories on this year's ballot are "Real Estate Company" and "Real Estate Agent".

I would greatly appreciate it if you took a few minutes to fill out the ballot and vote for The Mather Company as your favorite real estate company, and Charlie Mather as your favorite Realtor. (Yes, I know I'm a real estate agent, but I want to get our company's name out there, and the likelihood of Charlie getting enough votes to win as "favorite agent" is far greater than me because of his connections and established reputation. So I would prefer any votes for me to go to him to better the possibility of him winning.)

Here is the link:

You have to fill out at least 30 categories. For those of you who aren't from Columbia and therefore aren't really able to answer some of the questions, or those of you who don't want to spend too much time filling out a ballot, I've provided a list of choices (I think it's about 34 different categories) to make it easier to fill out...

Line #  |  Choice
2  |  Edventure
9  |  Miyos
10  |  No Name Deli
11  |  Chickfila
12  |  Zorbas
13  |  Tony O's
14  |  Satos
15  |  Casa Linda
16  |  Zoes
18  |  Pawleys Front Porch
20  |  Hooligans
21  |  Hudson's Smokehouse
23  |  Publix
25  |  Marble Slab
28  |  Hennesys
29  |  Miyos
30  |  Carolina Wings
32  |  Hobby Lobby
33  |  Books A Million
34  |  Children's Place
41  |  Publix
51  |  Sandhills
61  |  Chuck's Auto
66  |  Gilbert Studio of Dance
68  |  Ben Jett
73  |  Lexington Medical Center
74  |  Lexington Medical Center
75  |  Lexington Medical Center
78  |  The Mather Company
79  |  Charlie Mather
80  |  1st Choice Exterminating
82  |  Zachary B. Hoffman Photography
83  |  Kay Plumbing

Thank you so much for your support!

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