The Royal Wedding: Traylor Style


So, I realize that The Royal Wedding was a couple weeks ago, and maybe you didn't really care about it, but we, on the Traylor side, had a LOT of fun with it! Hart's mom watched Diana's Royal Wedding 30 something years ago and loved it and decided for this royal wedding to throw a little party with her best friend, Gail, Hannah, and myself. If you have never met Hart's mama, you really need to. She is hilarious! She bought us all tiaras from the dollar store to wear. Knowing she wanted us to wear these, I grabbed some of my old bridesmaid and prom dresses for Hannah and I to surprise her and Gail with. We snuck off to dress up and came out in our ensemble. That led to Gail and Jane having to go find things "fancy" enough for the wedding. We grabbed flowers from  around the house as our bouquet's and honestly almost peed our pants laughing to hard at ourselves and all the sillyness. It was ridiculously fun!

Yes, I did take pictures of the tv....haha!

And before you begin to think that we got up at 4 am to watch everything (even though I think Hart's mom did anyways) we actually just saved it on DVR and started watching it around 1 pm. We fast forwarded through some of the not so interesting parts. However, it truly was a beautiful wedding. I was very surprised by how serious and spiritual everything was and at the homily that was given. There was so much scripture and just overall a beautiful occasion!

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