Hart's 26th Birthday!


Tomorrow is Hart's 26th birthday! I'm so thankful for this man. When we met in 2005 in college, I had such a crush, because he was so cute and then to find out how much of a godly man he was...I'm a truly blessed woman to have such an amazing man as my husband!

To be honest, I'm the world's worst at birthdays. I always forget. I always send cards and gifts late. In fact, I don't really even say Happy Birthday to people on Facebook, even though it reminds me daily who has a birthday. It took me like 3 years to even remember the day of Hart's birthday. Last year, we celebrated Hart's birthday, but I didn't get around to actually making his birthday cake until almost 3 months later. Yes, I am THAT bad. It really isn't my gifting and I feel completely horrible that I forget other people's birthdays and I do want to change it. But, even with calendars on google, I really struggle with them.

Hart on the other hand is probably THE best at birthdays. He remembers them. He really should be in charge of all of our friends' birthdays and the card sending, because he is the thoughtful one!

I do declare though, that Hart WILL have his birthday cake ON his birthday this year. He loves GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE and I make it completely from scratch. It is probably the hardest cake I know how to make, but I love him and I want him to have a GREAT birthday!

And to everyone else who has a birthday out there...please know I love you and if I could remember them, then you would get your gifts and cards on time. Until that happens....don't hold it against me!!!!!

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