May is as Crazy as Christmas!


A lady told me the other day that May is as bad as Christmas time, and I think I am believing her! I've been really busy! With what exactly? Not really sure! Here's a skim version recap:
  • We celebrated Hart's birthday dinner with some friends and family! We had dinner after church at Hart's parent's house! I did successfully make him his favorite German Chocolate Cake! I made it completely from scratch and it was absolutely amazing, but something I only am willing to make ONE time per year! Hart is 26!
  • My sister in law, brother in law, and niece moved across the country from Seattle to SC. We spent a week with Naomi and Hannah while Mike drove a moving van with all of their belongings across the USA!
  • I've been sewing/monogramming items. I'm working on Kim Leong's pillows and am almost finished. It took awhile to get started, because some fabric took forever to arrive. She wants 4 pillows and a valance. I taught myself to sew envelope back pillows with piping and I think they are turning out great!
  • Micaiah is teething. He is almost 8 months, which is hard to believe, but for the last week, he has woken up screaming out in pain while getting his uppers. Remember how at 6 months, he acted like it was the end of the world? Well, it is again. Saturday night was the WORST it has been, even Hart woke up from his crying. We tried everything to help, meds, even benadryl, nothing helped. So, I spent my 2nd Mother's day (1st with Cai OUT of my tummy) in a rather grumpy and tired mood, due to the fact that I was so exhausted. But, thankfully my husband is really sweet and didn't get upset that I was so tired and really not someone you would want to be around. In fact, he gave me some really sweet presents like gift cards to my favorite sewing shop and I get to take a Monogramming class, as well. He also framed this adorable picture of Micaiah for me! He's so thoughful!
  • Last night, Micaiah slept all night again and hasn't appeared to be in significant pain today. I'm praying that the worst is over. His gums are still red and slightly puffy. I woke up praising Jesus, because my alarm was going off and I couldn't believe Micaiah actually SLEPT again all night! Teething is the WORST! Naps have been back to wonderful again today, as well, and I am really thankful! 
  • I would say though that every month from 6 months has just gotten better and better. I really love his little personality. He is so funny when he smiles this huge smile and I love how he gets excited on his own about seeing people or things he loves. It's really too darn cute! 
  • We officially joined our church Columbia Crossroads Downtown this past Sunday! We love our church. It is PERFECT for us right now in this stage of life. We love the people and the teaching and the serving opportunities and our Community Group. It's a great place to love and serve Jesus! 
  • I'm really thankful for our parents, especially our moms! My mom babysat for us this past Saturday so we could go out on a double date with our friends, Mary Elizabeth and Jacob! Then Hart's parent's kept Micaiah for awhile on Sunday so I could go to Hart's Open house! 
  • Other than that, I just clean house and take care of my two men! It's a sweet job that I am thankful for, even on the worst days! 

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