Prayer for my Gramie


Having a baby is one way to make you feel like you are getting older or to make you actually face the fact that you are an adult. Visiting a nursing home is one way to make you face the fact that you are going to get old and gray. I've been faced with the idea of getting older the last couple weeks. My grandma (91) went into the hospital and is now at a transitional unit rehabilitation center. Visiting at the hospital wasn't as much as a confrontation with the fact that you will be old-and-gray-whether-you-like-it-or-not. While there did seem to be a lot of other elderly on her medical floor, you can't see in all the rooms and there are other people that are there, of all ages healing. However, last night I went to the rehabilitation center for the first time.

You know the helpless scene.

Lots of old people just sitting around. Some slooped over drooling barely holding their heads up. Gray hair, balding. You are confronted with faility. One lady actually slipped out of her wheel chair while I was there and had to have help getting up. Walking down the hall, there's that smell. It's the smell of old people and urine. It's hot, because old people like it hot, because they are always cold. And then the food. It's gross mashed up food. Then, you walk in the door of your grandma's room and you have one thought on your mind. Get this person that I love out of this depressing place!

My Gramie is awesome. She is young at heart. She always wears earrings everywhere she goes and red lipstick. She's got to have color on. She wears bracelets and beaded necklaces layered and they don't have to match. She loves Jesus and breaks out in prayer all the time. She reaches out and touches whoever she wants to talk to and she makes people take a second to talk to her. She smiles at others and everyone thinks she's just cute as a button!

We spent some time just hanging out, me and her, last night. She is in pain, but prayerfully, she will be able to leave that place sooner than later. I think she is there for one reason and that is to pray for the other people. She admitted she thought that was true, too.

If you guys would please pray for my Gramie. If you have met her, you know how cute she is. She needs to get out of that rehabilitation center and into a better place, and I don't think that place is Heaven quite yet. My mom and I are working together to make that happen soon. I don't care for the staff at this place, minus her night nurse last night, who actually seemed to care and do her job well.

I will keep you posted. In the mean time, I'm going to thank God that I have health in my body, and go clean my house.

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