Hart's a Real Estate Agent!


Hey everyone! I am so proud to announce that my wonderful godly husband is now a SC Real Estate Agent! Hart has been working for his best friend, Charlie Mather, in his real estate company, The Mather Company, Inc. Hart is a jack of all trades and he has spent the last year doing all the media and website related things to get the company up and running, as well as, learning how to become a Project Manager for the rennovation side of the company! A few months ago, after much prayer, he recently decided that it was time to go to real estate school and gain more knowledge of the field he is working in. Well, that led to him becoming a Real Estate Agent! Hart and Charlie have a suite off of Devine Street. They serve mostly the Greater Columbia Area and they have a love for Jesus that is evident in their work. If you know anyone that is looking to buy or sell a home and are in need of an agent, contact them! Word of mouth is the main way that real estate agents gain clients! Below is a photo of Hart's business card! Did I mention how proud I am of him!? Well, I am!

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