2010 - Adios!


There's just something about a new year coming and the old one going that makes you reflect. When I look back at 2o10, I think about a lot of changes that took place. I think of being pretty much carefree being married to my love, then, finding out we were pregnant with Micaiah. From teaching my one sweet group of 4th graders, to having our baby, and then the ease, yet difficult moments, of trying to adjust from two to three. Then, I think of the joy.

There was so much joy in 2010. I think of the fun times of getting to travel all the way to Hawaii during the summer, walking on black sand beaches, and laying in the sun with my pregnant sister-in-law, talking and wondering about what our babies will be like. To the more difficult moments of being on bed rest, healing from a c-section surgery, trying to figure out how to be a mom, being obsessed with getting my child to learn how to sleep, and the constant sleep deprivation until that finally happened.

I can't remember everything, but I will always remember how excited we all were when Micaiah came into the world, so small and sweet and precious. Life is an awesome journey, given by God. I know I have grown as a person this last year through all the circumstances God put in my life. He is the One that everything is centered around. The One that through all the changes remains the same forever.

My prayer for 2011 is to fix my eyes upon Jesus, my Redeemer. Too often I focused on myself and not what He wants for my life. I don't know if you know Jesus, but I'm challenging myself to grow closer to my God, and my prayer for you is that you would walk into his outstreached arms full of love and cling to the One that will change your life in amazing ways, forever.

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