Bed Rest Adventures/Highlights


I must be sitting in our living room for too long, because I have come up with the PERFECT way to rearrange everything to have more room, meaning more room for baby stuff. However, I can't help move anything, so Hart's not too excited about my plan. Haha!

I am writing to say that Bed Rest has not been completely boring. Just like normal life, you have a million things to do, while resting, of course, and not enough time to do them. I.E. writing thank you's, etc. I've had amazing friends to help do so many daily chores and my wonderful husband has been doing double his part, too! It has meant so much!

I have been slow to write about some of my Bed Rest adventures, because people around me tend to get a little overprotective and they like to tell you what to do. Everyone knows I just LOOOOVE people telling me what to do... (Maybe, it's just the bossy older sister rebelling inside of me. No, really, I'm just sassy. However, you go on bed rest. Lay around all day depending on others. Stand up for 2 minutes. And someone tells you to sit down. Okay. Really?)

Sorry, for the rant. I must admit that Week 3 of bed rest has been the most successful, so far, and I really have only had like one visitor a day this week, which is the perfect amount. I am getting good at speaking my mind and being honest with people. Okay. I've kinda always been good at those things, but at first, so many sweet friends wanted to help out that I just didn't know how to limit that time. Now, I feel better about my boundaries and know when I need to be resting by myself or can be with others.

Here are a few Bed Rest Adventure Highlights (that I hope don't get me in trouble):

1)Riding the motorized wheelchair in Publix. Hart challenged me to do a 3 point turn in the CHIP aisle, of all places. I almost smashed the entire Ruffles section to bits. I also have a new respect for those that must ride the motorized wheelchair. Why does the person 4 aisles down need to hear that you are BACKING UP. Beep Beep Beep. It's horrendously loud.
2)A treat that I have been allowed on occasion has been to float flat in the pool. It has been so calming to just float in the sunshine. I have a new appreciation for the sunshine and God's creation.

3)I guess this isn't really an adventure, but more a highlight. My friend, Abby, came over and brought her dog, Sarah, to play with Abe. We were just sitting on the swing on my porch (feet propped have to clarify or else people will start complaining I am not resting properly), and I asked her what she would do to make our porch work for us better. She then created a "Conversation Zone" and an "Eating Zone." She dragged some furniture around and my new found highlight place is my porch. I just sit out there and read or pray, and just enjoy being outside. I was too busy for my porch before bed rest. It is a beautiful porch, made for a beautiful lady, Mrs. Gail, and I think I am just starting to love it as much as she did!

4)Getting to meet new friends. People that I didn't know very well have become some of the people that have served me the most during this time. Angela, Abby, Rebekah, Kassidee.... These are some sweet ladies that I didn't know before well at all, but they have taken their time to come and serve me more than once. It is really really sweet.

5)Restoring relationships around me. My family and close friends have all been here for me the past few weeks. My mom, Elizabeth, my Aunt Kathe, Hart... It has been nice to have my family and friends (even those not mentioned) around to love on me. I've really loved my time with all the people walking through our doors each day. It's so neat how God is showing me once again the body of Christ through so many of his loved ones!

6)Getting to try new food! With the yummy meals people have been providing for us, I was a little surprised I lost a pound from Tuesday, this week, to Friday. I can't even say how much all this means to me!
Those are just a few... I'm sure there are more to come!

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