Support Page Update and Online Payment Option Revealed


As we announced on Thursday, our family has major changes on the horizon. After much prayer and counsel we sense the Lord calling me, Hart, into full time ministry with our church, Midlands Church. So the hope and prayer and goal is that by November 1 I will be full time as the Director of Discipleship and Worship. Iin order for that to happen though, we've got to raise $45,000 that will serve as my family's primary form of income for this next year.

Rather than reiterate everything we've already shared, I'll just recommend you to read out post from Thursday, and to also explore 2 pages here on our website.

First, if you would like more information on supporting us, from prayer to financially, then please head over to our Support page.

Second, if you feel compelled to support us financially, and you would like to do that via onlie, then also take a minute to read the Step by Step Tutorial that walks you through doing that via our church's website.

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