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In October of 2015 my family made a big decision. After much prayer, job interviews, and counseling with our mentors, we sensed the Lord leading me, Hart, into full time ministry at our church, Midlands Church. By God's grace He successfully allowed me to raise enough support in order to come on staff in a full time role for 2016. As we head in to 2017 I must raise support again. The good news is, I am actually fully funded (thanks to monthly supporters and the church covering a portion of my salary)! But we are a young church plant (we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary as officially Midlands Church on January 1st, 2017), so any ways we can reduce church expenses is a good and helpful thing. So I am seeking to raise additional support in order to cut back the amount the church is paying me so we can use that money for other needs. If you would like to support me through a one time gift or something more regular I would greatly appreciate it! Please know you supporting me is enabling our church to disciple those currently in our church, as well as spread the good news to our neighbors.

Support Me Financially
There are two ways to send in your financial support:

1 - Check and Mail
If you wish to send in your support via check (whether one time gift or monthly support) you can make checks payable to Midlands Church, and please put 'Hart Traylor' in the memo line. You can either get the check to me directly, and I will ensure it gets to our church accountant. Or simply mail it to:

Midlands Church
ATTN: Hart Traylor
PO Box 1836
Columbia, SC 29202

2 - Online
If you would rather pay online, you can pay through our church website. You can either make one-time payments or set up repeating payments. To make a contribution online, visit our website here: When paying online you will be prompted to denote how much you are contributing, how you are paying (credit, debit or bank draft) and in the third box you must select which fund to apply this money to. You MUST select 'Family Discipleship/Worship - Traylor' in order for the money to be attributed to my position. Fill out the remainder of the form with your name and contact information, and your payment information and then select 'Donate Now'.

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