Drivin That Jeep & More Cute Pictures


I interrupt these financial support raising posts to give you some much needed cute kid time...
We've been enjoying the change to cooler temps by spending as much time outside as possible! Judah, at 18 months, figured out how to drive the jeep around the back yard. Every few yards he will get stuck and start yelling "STUC!" "STUC!" "MAAAAMAAAA!!!" But he is happy as a lark pushing that pedal!
 Enjoying his yogurt on the chair swing... or should I say stealing mama's yogurt!?
 On another note... I personally am loving the new stevia sweetened Oikos Triple Zero yogurts! So yum! Thankful to finally have a non-blood spiking-nonfake sugar yogurt!
We are keeping the Davis boys for a couple days this week and I couldn't help, but snap a few of these BFFS. They have loved each other since teeny tiny infants. 
 I love how both Mer and I had plans to dress them in their applique Halloween shirts for school!
Love the Traylor Family

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