Bedtime Stuffed Animal Overload


I interrupt the string of Foster Care posts I've been writing lately to post our bedtime fun tonight! Cai got a GIANT stuffed dog for Christmas from Hart's parents. It's taken up permanent residence in his bed along with all other 20 stuffed animals. Tonight, Cai piled "Diggity Dog" on top of daddy along with all his other animals and daddy "fell asleep".
His work was done!
Cai is so fun at 3! Love him!
Oh no... Daddy woke up!
Diggity dog is HUGE! Cai thought it was funny I took pictures of his "booty". Cute little booty!
Yes, this is definitely a part of our bedtime routine! We call it "eating heads" what!?!?
And more pure Cai silliness!
Throw in some mommy silly!
Bedtime tickles!

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