Pregnancy Update: 3rd Trimester with Judah


I hit my 3rd trimester 2 weeks ago, and boy was it a change from the "golden" stage of pregnancy! Everything makes me tired now. My energy only lasts into the afternoon and by 5pm, I'm counting down the minutes for Hart to walk through the door and take over, so I can just put my feet up!

Judah is moving a lot and I thank God for his little life.  Cai felt him move for the first time and he LAUGHED OUT LOUD HYSTERICALLY! He gets so excited about Judah! I don't remember being so paranoid about Cai and if something were to happen to him, like I am with Judah, though. Please pray for my unnecessary anxiety! Seeing his little face for the first time is going to be such a joy, and I just keep praying God keeps him safe "in there!"

I have less than 9 weeks to go now until his scheduled c-section arrival. We have yet to set a date, but I am hoping they let me soon! He's due March 27th, but most likely they will deliver him 1 week early. I'm really not looking forward to the c-section part of things again, especially because I cannot tolerate hardly any pain medications, but I know he will be worth it all!

This semester I cut back on teaching a little. I was teaching Spanish to K5, 1st, and 2nd graders at my school, but after figuring out that I would not be able to return after March to teach that portion of my subjects, God provided my long term sub to step in early! It's already been such a blessing since I have noticed such a dramatic decrease in my energy level! I still continue to teach my 5th graders, and love every minute of them! I will return several weeks after having Judah, but since I only teach 2 mornings, and will only have 4 weeks of school left before summer (plus they will allow me to have an assistant to help with the baby, go nurse when I need, or even if he is sleeping sweetly, he can be in my classroom with me!) I believe we will all make it through those last few weeks by God's grace!

It's interesting how much less creative I am throughout this pregnancy! I've slowed WAY down on my sewing time, my blogging time, and have instead focused on the more quiet things that no one would notice, but me and the Lord, and my family. I've focused more on maintaining a smoothly run house, and keeping up with laundry, finding beauty in the everyday, and praising God for allowing me to be home like I am able to be.

Some friends gave us another crib. We spent 2 Saturdays ago switching cribs and furniture around. The new crib has a sleigh shape, and our current crib was more boxy, so we moved it to Cai's room. Both children's rooms have a crib and a twin bed in them now!
 Rough photos from my phone, but here's the current kid set up! Cai & Judah's room. It's not "done", but for now okay!
B's room (above).

I guess I like little tents above cribs!? It just kind of worked out that way, actually! I'm planning on putting a pacnplay at the end of our hall outside of our bedroom for Judah at first. Our room is too small and I sleep terribly with a baby in the room, so I am hoping that will work for the first few weeks, then I can move him with whichever kid (hopefully Cai) when he/I are sleeping a little better. 

Lastly, God gave me the brilliant idea of making my hall coat closet a baby changing area! In our little house, I've always put our changing table in my kid's closets to allow room for other furniture in the room, and by moving it to the hall closet, I can change any baby without disrupting my sleeping children. This will also work well if we keep Judah in the pacnplay and I can store some of his clothing here when we get them down from the attic!
 Maximize 1300 square feet, baby!

Please keep praying for a healthy pregnancy with NO complications for me! I am walking in faith that as God has expanded all the extra little people and blessings in my life, he will continue to make me able to care for them! 

Thanks friends! Come on Judah "Jet".

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