Our First "Foster Care" Christmas


I truly didn't know what an impact being a foster parent would make on me when we started this journey. Unlike normal Christmases, where I'm completely self-absorbed in my own family (and Jesus' birth), today, our first "foster care Christmas", I found myself drifting off in thought about how B's brothers were today, about how B's birth family did Christmas, what it was like to not have your children on Christmas, and praying for the countless children in foster care in our county/state/country/world experiencing Christmas differently than normal, just because they weren't with their birth families. Then, there were the kids in group homes that didn't even have families to be with to think about.

How did those kids feel? What's it like to be a kid bringing gifts to your birth family and yet them not even show up to your special 2 hour family visit you get only once a year a few days before Christmas? Believe me, this happens way to readily for your liking. 

I've thought about the countless foster families pouring into their foster children today, giving of themselves in a special way on Christmas!

I've thanked God for the person/people in our community that put special gifts under our Christmas tree just for B, because she is a foster child, and they wanted to give beyond just themselves.
Those that are making a difference, even on Christmas, in these kid's lives!

You see, we had a great Christmas as first time foster parents! We loved having B! I cherished it all, because to be honest, I don't know if I will get more Christmases with her in our family. This could have been the first of many, or our only, but whatever it may be it was exciting!

It's what gets you through when at the end of the day when I'm dealing with a baby that won't go to sleep, because she's overtired from Christmas fun, and an upset in routine that causes her issues to come roaring out in full force at the moment when you are most exhausted as a mama. (True glimpse into life as a foster parent!)

But all of that was worth it, especially on Christmas! It was fun having B for the first time be a part of our Christmas traditions of celebrating Jesus' birth, opening gifts, and celebrating with family!

So, I'm ending this night, not just thinking about the Jesus that came royally from Heaven as our Savior, but also those that need him most (myself, most definitely included!).

Take  moment to pray with me tonight for everyone attached to the foster care system, families, children, and our legal system.

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