Praying to Foster Care


Hart and I have been waiting on the adoptions side of DSS for over 7 months now. Before that we had gone through almost 8 months of paperwork to get to the final approval process. Needless to say, it feels like forever.

During this silent wait, we have met some really wonderful friends, the Harris family. They felt God calling them to become foster parents. Literally the week they got approved they got placed with a little girl that is not yet ready for adoption, but an adoption plan is about to begin. You can read Abbie's story here.

Watching them juggle through "should they" "shouldn't they" foster and then seeing how God has brought a beautiful sweet little girl to their family so quickly, it definitely encouraged Hart and I to consider fostering more deeply, to lift it to God, to open our hearts to it and pray if it was right for us.

Believe us, we have come up with every excuse NOT to do it. But there is still a small voice leading us there.

Believe us, we are seriously SCARED TO DEATH about it, but we are pushing through our fears and praying that God will help us in each moment as we now venture into becoming foster parents.

We have currently decided that we are going to continue pursuing foster care unless God shuts the door closed, like if I were to become pregnant, or some other issue were to arise that we were unable to do it.

We are truly clinging to God's grace and praying He will make us ready for the task at hand.

Please pray that God will help us through the next several weeks as DSS approves us as foster parents. Due to the fact that we are already approved and have an active home-study with them, it is much quicker to the approval process. The need for foster parents is so real that we expect to be called quickly. Our age range is still only 0 - 2 years, but the risk is much higher that the child will be re-unified to their birth family.  This could mean that we may be placed with a child that then has to leave us. While I selfishly pray that they never do have to leave us, I know that this could be a reality and we need to be prepared for it.

Please pray that God will bring to us the child that we are to adopt via foster care and that he will do this right away! Pray that this child will be protected and guarded from whatever terrible issues DSS is having to remove them from.

Please pray that our heart issues will be resolved by the Holy Spirit. That our fears would not inhibit us to love deep the children God brings our way.

Please pray that the child God brings will get along with Cai with ease and that they will be sweet siblings whether for a short time OR in our forever family!

We cherish your prayers! Would you get on your knees and pray for us right now?

Love in Christ,
The Traylors

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