Staff Christmas Party


Before Christmas, we actually went to our church's staff Christmas party, because Hart is considered Staff with being on the Music Team. Hart and I did NOT communicate, and I never once read the invite, because they only sent it to Hart. He told me that it was at "Saluda" something.

Y'all I thought he meant, Saluda Shoals Park. So we left a little bit later than we had wanted to get to Saluda Shoals. When we got to the gate, we told the guy what we were there for he and he let us in free and we drove past ALL the people looking at Christmas lights up to the area he pointed us to. That's when I got confused. NONE of the people looked like Crossroads people. In fact, there were quite a lot of elderly people in wheel chairs, but we went inside anyways, because clearly the guy at the gate knew that we were there for this party, RIGHT?????

Long story short. We were in the WRONG place. The ACTUAL party was across town at this beautiful lodge called the Saluda River Club.

We got back in our car and got stuck looking at all the Christmas lights (which we tried to have fun with because well, we were stuck AND got to do it for Free), but were frustrated of course that we were going 2 mph looking at Christmas lights when we needed to be somewhere else!

{insert discussion about how we REALLY needed smartphones because holy cow we couldn't look anything up and all the people we needed to talk to were not answering their phones}

When we finally made it (REALLY late!), it was a nice party and I loved the setting. The pastors shared how God has been using their individual campuses and it was neat to join together in prayer and also have some s'mores by a fire, of course!

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