No-la-la Play date


The day after my unforgettable 27th birthday, Nola and Cai had a little play date.
They played with some hats. It was adorbs, as usual.
I love my sweet friend and little No-la-la.
I made Nola her little Christmas skirt. Cutie patootie bootie.
We did some swinging by the lake.
 Little Miss Nola just did NOT want to get off the swings!
I had to post this photo because she's so cute in her little sweater jacket crying! haha!
 I love her crafty talented mama and her bow clip skills.
We played "Stick" toss.

The time we get to spend with Steph and Nola is always sweet and WAY too short!

 Can't wait til baby Erskin Alfred Robnett is born!

{No, Erskin Alfred Robnett is not his real name. Charlie is being a punk and won't let Stephanie tell me his name... SO um... I'm gonna call him Erskin Alfred until I know his name. Please tell me I didn't guess it!}

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