Christmas 2012 - The Gifts and Family


Does anybody else enjoy making Christmas cookies? Cai LOVED it!
 We used lots of Sprinkles and he and daddy had fun making that snowman up there!

We woke up Christmas Morning and enjoyed our own little tradition of gift opening together - just the 3 of us.
I barely took any photos this year! WhAt!? was I thinking? Yo-no-se-senor! I do know Cai thoroughly enjoyed advent, Christmas, and present opening. Hopefully, he learned about Jesus and the reason for it all in there, too.

Cai got SO many presents this year. It was just crazy. I think we bought him 4 books this last Christmas, because the grandparents had some fun this year! Dear fam... there is a limit next year! haha! This really was the first Christmas he understood and loved everything. So it was really fun!
We had Hart's parents over for brunch and opened a few gifts with them!

We then went out to my mom's house and spent the rest of Christmas with them! It was fun! As you can tell Cai did NOT want to wear the wig that came with Madagascar 3 movie! Uncle Hunter did!

We sang "Happy Birthday to Jesus" and had cake.

Hopefully that wraps up the 'Christmas photos' I've been meaning to share! I'm sure my writing would have been more meaningful had I actually posted these 2 months ago! :)

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