My 27th Birthday Party


Y'all I had the funniest 27th birthday party EVER! I think God was telling me I'm WAY too old to be having birthday parties!

Yearly, I invite friends to eat with me at Miyo's. We made the mistake of choosing the Harbison location. Here's some back ground:

Imagine fighting insane traffic to get the restaurant, because everyone and their mother was out shopping for Christmas presents that evening! (My birthday is the 21st of December FYI!) Then, their restaurant is disgusting because you are right next to a cigar shop and it REEKED of smoke in their party room and bathrooms. It was freezing cold because they didn't have ANY heat in the party room. Everyone literally wore their coats the whole night and coughed because of the smoke! The waiter dropped a whole glass of water and it shattered all over the floor next to my pregnant BFF, Steph, who's poor fetus had to deal with the yucky stench. I mean... you get the picture. On top of all that my favorite cake of all is a Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake! So after shivvering through the whole dinner, they delivered my MELTED cake to our table and we all ate it IN THE COLD!

It was hilarious. And one I will remember forever! And probably the last...
This guy enjoyed the melted cake though... I'm just going to focus on HIS birthdays from now on! lol
What was funny about the cake was that I had seen it right when Hart picked it up. I KNEW how pretty it looked fresh from Marble Slab... When they brought my cake out, they had tried to mask the cake with whip cream to cover up it's melted state from lack of putting it in the freezer (even though we had asked them to). While everyone was singing me "Happy Birthday" I kept saying... "Y'all but this is NOT my cake!" I had to push my finger around in the whip cream to try to see if it actually had my name on it, because really it DID NOT look like MY CAKE! Hahahaha!

I love my sweet husband for doing all he could to make this birthday a special one despite all the hilarious-ness that took place!

And no matter how funny a birthday it was... it's always amazing when I get to spend it with my bestest of friends who I don't get to see very often!

Thank you sweet family for all my gifts and for making this a fun birthday! And thank you Steph for all the pictures I just stole off your blog post here.

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