Potty Trained - YAY!


We are actually potty trained and only using diapers for naps and nighttime!!!! YAY!!! We are SO proud of Cai! If you had asked me last week, if we would be potty trained this week, I honestly would have laughed at you and said, "YEAH right!" I wasn't planning on doing potty training at all this week, but it happened (to my surprise)!

 Back when Cai was 18 months, I really thought he was almost day time potty trained. I gave all sorts of tips and tricks for why we were almost there, and then we regressed, and to be honest, I kind of stopped thinking about it! Who knows why! We continued to use the potty daily a couple times a day, but he'd always go in his diaper if he had one on. I started to notice that if he happened to be naked he would run to the potty. He knew not to pee on the floor, especially after a lego peeing incident where he had quite a good time in his room and hosed down his entire mega block building collection and legos in his room! Let's just say, he learned his lesson, because this mama was NOT happy about having to clean all of that up!

I looked back over the 3 day potty training that I had read awhile back and this past Sunday started right after church. We took Cai's diaper off and let him go naked. He ran to his potty each time. On Tuesday, we let him wear some loose fitting pants/shorts starting as soon as he woke up. I was getting nervous, because he would pee just a little in his pants before realizing he needed to get to his potty, and I knew I had to work the next day, but by that afternoon, he'd figured out to not pee with pants on UNTIL going to the potty.

It was so funny, because on the second day, he woke up and came in our room saying he had to pee pee! The third morning he woke up, had pooped some in his diaper and first thing that morning had transfered his own poop to his potty in his room by himself. Thank God, it didn't get all over everything! That was quite a wake up call! We told him he shouldn't take his diaper off without us.

Apparently he didn't get the picture in our sleep stupor that this was not something we wanted him to do on his own, because when Hart's mom had put him down for a nap on Wednesday, Hart's mom had found him on the bed naked with his diaper taken off, and he was proudly beaming that he'd taken it off himself and had peed IN THE BED!!!! "LOOK, MIMI! I peed in my BED!"

Hart's mom could only laugh, because he was SO proud of his little accomplishment! Haha!

Thankfully, he's figured out that peeing in the bed is wrong, especially when I made him rub baking soda into the mattress with a brush and I think we talked to him about it like 15 times over. He hasn't since taken his diaper off without us.

Cai's continuing to be diaper free, but with pants on (NO underwear yet). Apparently if they can go 3 months without wetting their pants, then you can switch to underwear. We will probably do this switch sooner, as 3 months seems a little overboard.

We've made several outings diaper free, and I just make sure he's gone to the nearest bathroom if we've been out for awhile. It is a little more work, but not too bad. Thankfully, he can pull his own elastic waist pants down on his own, so when we are home, he just pulls them off and runs over to his little potty and goes. He really has enjoyed his little Baby bjorn potty, but I will start getting him to go back on the big potty eventually.

I'm very thankful we are now using a total of 1 - 2 diapers a day compared to 6 - 8! He also woke up from his nap this afternoon dry! I was very surprised by that! He's so smart and we are so proud!


(I hope you enjoyed out potty training saga! Ha!)

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