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I've discovered why I {heart} instagram so much... it helps me to be thankful for the small things. The things in life that I just wouldn't remember other-wise. As I capture small tid bits of our lives, I am thanking God for them!

Our friends, Charlie and Lauren, had Anna Kate. We visited them in the hospital. She is precious! We are so thankful for a safe, healthy mama and baby!

Cai's hilarious-ness continues to crack us up. He thinks it is out of this world funny to be naked in his bed after his bath!
I'm thankful for my handsome husband that fills this home with praise!
I'm thankful for his ability to use music as his gifts for the Lord!
It was beautiful this last week, and then got cold again. We enjoyed every bit of the warmth and ability to be outside on our porch. Hart hung up a hammock swing on our porch and we LOVE it and have been swinging in it almost everyday! We now have a total of 4 swings in our backyard! Can you tell we love swinging in this house!
 I know it's silly to love a swing so much, but my best friend, Elizabeth & her mom, had one of these hammock swing chairs on their front porch and growing up, I LOVED to sit in it. I often felt close to God at their house and I'd think about my relationship with him in it. It brings back great memories that I cherish!
One day we went and had lunch with Hart this month, and met at a park to eat! It was really fun!
This boy makes me laugh... all I can say is the magic of free publix cookies while shopping where it's a pleasure!
I got my hair cut this month and have enjoyed it!

More to come on Beloved's Room progress and other Traylor family news! 

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