Happy New Year!


2013 has gotten off to a busy start! This month brought the switch from "dinosaur" phones to new flashy iPhones, the 4S to be exact. While we didn't want to make the switch, it really is better for Hart's job, especially being out and about showing homes and needing to look up important information, so we are making room in our budget for the new bill hike!

With that has come my new best friend, Instagram! I'm already addicted. I love being able to snap family photos and quickly upload them to share them with friends! Instagram Friday has been a thing for awhile, so I'm going to try to do it some for the family blog, too!

Cai made me a refried bean breakfast! We moved his little toolbench inside from the porch and turned it into a little kitchen station with his play pots and pans he got from Grandmama & Bear Bear. It's getting a lot more use this way!
We went and test drove a couple mini vans last Saturday. We are getting closer to being able to get a 2nd car and are testing out different vans for me to become a swagger wagon mom soon. I really like the Honda Odyssey mini van, but we are still figuring out would be best!
We enjoyed a nice family dinner using a gift card at Cracker Barrel! Cai was "purty smart".

I'm working on my Spring Hand-made clothing Collection. I sewed 3 items this week.
I tried out some new recipes from the cookbook Hart got me for Christmas!
I helped out a friend by keeping her 2 boys overnight to give her a break! It was lots of fun! Having 3 boys was actually really fun!
Cai loved seeing Isaac drink out of a bottle. He just kept starring at him and wanted to help feed him. Seriously adorable and made me realize that he may actaully be a nurturing big brother. He's not a boy that generally "nurtures" things, so this was really sweet!

The older boys loved the tire swing! We swung and acted like rocket ships blasting through space!

When we sold the Blazer this past summer, we had made a deal with the man that he would also trim our tree limbs over our house. It took him several months to actually come and do it, but we are very thankful that he kept his word and that we were able to get this work done! 
I thought it was pretty hilarious that his truck was called "Bruner the Pruner".
Cai loves power rangers and he often tells us to "Make them stand UP!" This gets mundane, unless... you make them have a POWER RANGER DANCE PARTY!
Or make them do Ballet, which is what Hart made them do later this same day!
Cai loves bubble baths and has really gotten into laying down in the tub! He laughs insanely at the water going in his ears!

One day this last week, Cai was acting extremely fussy. He's on an Early Bird waking kick lately and most days is up by 7 am sharp. I had had enough by 11 am and told him it was time to take some quiet time in his bed. I wasn't necessarily "putting him in time out", but just wanted him to "CHILL-lax" a bit. I realize about 10 minutes later that he was awfully quiet and still in his bed.... I walked down the hall and realized he'd passed out! It was really adorable!
We played with the iPhone a lot since it was a new "toy".
Cai also drew all over himself. He thinks he is making himself look like a power ranger when he does this. He was upset to realize he didn't actually look like one when I had him look in the bathroom mirror. I sort of loved that he made himself have a unibrow! haha!

Uncle Hunter  came over and was really sweet and brought Cai the newest power ranger... note that power rangers are cool in our house.

I'm working 3  days this week at my new job. I am really adapting well for the most part. I like it a lot. It's fun getting to work with fabrics all day. I wish I got to actually "SEW" more there, but I love the people, and the customers are fun. I feel like it a good fit. I get to use my blogging and website skills, too.
I got to assist in a sewing class. I learned a few things, too! It was fun! But there is nothing more fun than coming home to this sweet boy, my husband and pjs in the evening!

On Thursday, we went to the Zoo! It was a BEAUTIFUL day and felt like Spring with a warm 73 degrees and sunshine! Glorious! I needed it!
We actually went by ourselves, but when I walked up to the gate, I knew several people there, so we tagged along and had fun hanging out with friends!
And lastly, I found out my best friend, Steph is having a baby BOY! Sweet news, I tell ya!

And our friends Charlie and Lauren Mather had their baby girl today, too! Anna-Kate is precious!!!

It was such a beautiful week! I honestly feel like a better more balanced person having some outside part-time work! Hart and I also have started back exercising and it has made the biggest difference in my overall mood! We have a lot more energy and are so grateful to the Lord for helping us get motivated again! Oh! And I have to say that God is just amazing! Hart currently has 2 homes he's in the process of helping sell and we are so grateful for this business and that we are heading back into the busiest time of year for Real Estate! :) 

We continue to pray for Beloved and will be prepping their room to be painted tomorrow! We've been waiting for 3 full months thus far! I think and pray about them often and was nervous accepting a job in the midst of adopting, but God's timing will be perfect! I know that full well!

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