Happy Annibirthmas 2012!!!


That's right! Today is the start of ANNIBIRTHMAS in our house! A week long tradition which includes our wedding anniversary, V's birthday, and Christmas festivities!

I'd like to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my sweet love, Hart! We've been married for 4 years today and Hart has all kinds of fun surprises planned for the day to celebrate (which he is not filling me in on, except that it starts with some family time at the zoo). And I may or may not know that Hart's mom is keeping Cai for us this evening... WHAT is this amazing guy up to!?!?!?!
I remember 7 years ago when Hart and I first hung out at the USC Tiger Burn on campus and he wore a beanie hat similar to this one. I thought he was seriously the cutest guy on the planet.

Flashback to the past: 
I was sick as a dog in this photo, but it's rather perfect since it wasn't long after that first night that I landed in the hospital. We hadn't even been dating a month, before I had emergency surgery on my colon. I could not understand how this guy was staying next to me and visiting me almost every day in the hospital. He would sit in my hospital room and just sit there quietly praying for me. It was through this time that God showed me that Hart was to be my husband in sickness and in health.
I'm so thankful to be able to stand at his side. And so thankful that he still looks at me like this every day with love in his eyes for me.
We knew our marriage plans had been confirmed... haha!

What can we say? We like to dress up.

I love kissing HART TRAYLOR!
Still... in college! We dated 2 years in college.
And were engaged for 1 year (I was still in college).

The best 4 years of marriage one girl could ever be blessed with and the best 7 years of knowing my love. I thank God for him and for how he blesses me daily. I praise God that he is a man with a heart after God's and a husband, and father that loves his family.

I pray for many, many more as a family!

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