Adoption Update 12-12-12


Life has been crazy this month! I assume for all of us, but God is really mixing things up for this little family that tries to seek him!

This last Saturday, we got an invitation in the mail to attend a "meet 'n' greet" type Christmas reception at the Richland County Children's Center (DSS office).

Tonight Hart and I nervously walked in holding hands and were greeted by Ms. Cynthia, one of the supervisors down at our office.

She is so warm and friendly. She has the personality that makes you want to seriously adopt 5 children at once, and she definitely jokes that she has 'em. She led us to the room where they had some food items and beverages and it was humming with about 15 other families and workers, both child and family.

We made small talk with a few of the workers and then all the workers got up and introduced themselves. Some went down a list of the current children on their caseloads, but most were older teenagers.

We slowly went around the room mingling and talking to each worker. It was hard being a family seeking young children under 2, because you get a very clear vibe that what they REALLY need are people to take the many teens off their caseloads and into their homes. And to be honest, I wish I could take them. I wish we were 40 and in a different season of life. 

There was only one worker that mentioned that they had a child in our age range, a 2 year old little boy. I'm pretty sure everyone with a younger age range talked with her. We did talk with her, gave her our name and she said she would at least pull our home studies and read them. However, there was another couple that was talking to her about this same child, as well. I don't feel like anything will come of this, but I suppose you never know. He did sound adorable!

Ms. Cynthia really was the most encouraging person there. She promised that "IT WILL HAPPEN!" She gave us a wink and told us that even though they aren't putting out there that they have young children "They are there."

My mama heart has to trust God. This situation is too crazy not to. I have to know that God loves us, loves our family and that he will provide in his perfect timing the right child for us.

And we are going to rejoice, rejoice, rejoice when it does happen! Because God will have moved and made it so. It is the only way, and we will be glad!

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