Family Photos by JeeJee


We got our pictures back from our little Christmas mini photo shoot with JeeJee. Our goal was a family photo for our Christmas card. Here are the 5 I chose!

My favorite, actually.
I sewed the boy's matching shirts. My outfit was a combination of things I already had and a Loft dress I found for $19 on clearance! Then the Cardi was Target, $15. I already had the scarf (Old Navy) and the boots and tights. Of course, I love being matchy matchy together. Now that I sew, I have to have good deals, always. Before, I loved good deals, but I didn't realize what was actually worthy to be bought vs. made. It's a bit of a sickness, really. Anywho, I had this image in my mind of the boys wearing matching shirts, and of course, that was not something I could just go out and buy, so I utilized every learned sewing skill and pushed myself to get these done. I LOVE them!

Probably our family Christmas Card photo this year! Look for it closer to Christmas in a mailbox near you!

And another good one... Cai is such a cheesin' goof... I love his little 2 year old self though!
Is our family not adorable... I mean, really... jeez I love these people!

And of course, one with my love...
Pretty sure, we will be old and gray and still dipping me!

These were taken literally right outside of House of Fabrics right on Main Street Downtown where there is the tiniest little green grassy area. An adorable place to take photos! Thanks, JeeJee for capturing our family this Christmas!

Hopefully next Christmas there will be another bambino in these shots! We miss you Beloved! Come soon!

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