This Boy I love...


Oh my goodness how adorable is my child?! Really... he's so cute! This 2 year old of mine is growing so fast! It's crazy how fast they grow up!
Last night, I had to hold him extra long after our usually bed time routine. I actually almost started sobbing just holding him. It's a mom-emotional-thing, I'm sure.

I didn't really cry when he turned 1. He still felt like my baby.
I didn't really cry when he turned 2. He still felt like my baby.

He'll always be my baby, but I know I'm going to miss our me-time when the others come along. I love our time together, even though the days are long sometimes. He's such a cutie!!!!

Talking full sentences now, singing his favorite songs like "God our Father" and dancing his funny dances!
 I want to remember this 2 year old face, forever, and a day! LOVE HIM!

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