Give Thanks to the Lord for His Faithfulness!


Oh, happy joy. We have nothing, but joy at what God has done!
God has been so good to show how much he loves our little family. I literally can only lift my hands in praise to Him who provides for us, so well.

On Halloween, God allowed Hart to close on a house that he was listing, where he abundantly provided both the buyer and seller and commissions for both. This was a huge blessing for our family. We were finally able to pay off ALL of our immediate debts and massive amounts of hospital bills from the previous year. We have been very focused on paying off these debts, so that we can, Lord willing, get a mini van (and me become a mini van mom! ha!) in the coming months. This commission will allow us to give some, save some, and most importantly, it allowed us to become one step closer to being debt free entirely.
I write this to declare God's faithfulness! Reading past blog posts, from when I was pregnant with Micaiah, and we had followed God's lead to have me stay home and lose one income. I was SO fearful that God wouldn't provide. I knew he would, because his Word says he will, but my flesh completely failed me.

One reason why I'm enjoying writing our family story in a blog is because I can write to you that despite the tight financial trials that staying home has brought, despite the terrible economy, God has faithfully given Hart the means to bring home paychecks, and even extra commissions here and there. We always have enough, because God has granted it that we do.

Losing one car was such a transition, but now several months later, God has provided by allowing me to use my MIL's car every few days, and now for the next couple months as she is home recovering from major surgery I can use her car until she recovers and needs it again. It's such a blessing. Maybe not how I see myself having a car in "Vanessa's Plan", but God has provided, and I am so thankful for it.
"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever!" 1 Chronicles 16:34

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