Counting Bracelets


I guess I am THAT mom that drops everything and grabs the camera when she finds her son decking himself out in all my bracelets. I blame it on my mom for allowing me to dress my brothers up in my dance costumes and then taking photos of them. Or growing up, I'd put  make up on them in their sleep. Poor brothers of mine.
Even Abe thought it was pretty hilarious.
Even more hilarious is that he was wearing a "Tough Guy" shirt. Seriously, LOVE that.
Cai likes to help me find my jewelry. He often goes in my jewelry box to help me find my earrings. I tell him, "No, not those." He goes back and finds different ones. It's like a scavenger hunt.
This quickly turned into a counting game with "rings".
Despite this, my little tough guy, really is all boy. I'm surprised he wasn't shooting them across the room. Haha!

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