Traylor Family Date Night


We decided that we wanted to spend time together as a family. We are {this close} to knocking out our debt snowball, so we decided it would be wiser to skip the fair this year, but make sure we did something just as fun instead! Hart got off work early on Friday and we started our family date at the zoo! This is Cai's absolute FAVORITE place right now. He cries each and every time we have to leave.
That's cool... wear this if you want. 
On the train at the zoo 
Next stop... the carousel... which mommy decided to just take photos since last time she felt motion sickness. hahaha!
They rode a zebra! 
Seeing my two guys together so happy melts my heart!
We then went to dinner, after a 2 year old meltdown leaving the zoo, to Mellow Mushroom for Pizza which was the absolute most delicious pizza ever. We were there by 5:30, so we got the senior citizens discount... jk. They have this awesome rooster outside. Cai liked riding it!
I'm not sure if you really should ride it, but we did.
Hart wouldn't let me climb up. I just don't know why!
Time to get down... Okay, a few more minutes... life with a 2 year old!
He's just getting so big! Really, Cai is just such a handsome boy. We love him to pieces!

Next stop... cupcakes!

Family Date Night was FUN!

Thanks for joining us!

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