Be Lights for Jesus- Happy Hall-o-lujah!


We decided as a family years ago, that for Halloween, we would NOT be Christians that shut their door, turn off their lights, and not participate in "satan's evil holiday" because we were "participating in wicked deeds of darkness." Honestly, that just makes me laugh typing that out.

Instead, we would be shining lights, a city on a hill, letting God's light shine through us for His glory. Our home will have lights. Our doors will be open. We will use this as an opportunity to spread the love of Christ to all the adorable children that come our way, giving them candy, and showing them that God loves them SO much. In past years, we have given away Lecrae cds as a means to spread the "good news".

Hart wrote  last Halloween in a blog post... "For those bothered by Halloween’s historical association with evil spirits, Martin Luther has some advice on how to respond to the devil: “The best way to drive out the devil, if he will not yield to texts of Scripture, is to jeer and flout him for he cannot bear scorn.” Perhaps instead of fleeing the darkness in fear, we should view Halloween as an opportunity to mock the enemy whose power over us has been broken."

In our Broad River Road community the kids that we meet most likely are loved, but I do question if they are loved well. Parts of me never ever wants to leave where we live, because being on the edge of the "ghetto" allows me to interact with children that are often let loose to roam at early ages. Often times, I feel as if I am the only parent that plays outside with the neighbor kids. I feel like I'm the only one that invests in them the way God calls us to. I snatch up the opportunities left and right to tell them about Jesus.

God has given our family opportunities to show his love to these children in numerous ways. Just the other day, before dinner, we got home and a group of kids were playing right next door. They RAN up to me, hugged me, and talked about how excited they were to trick-or-treat. Next thing we knew, there were kids all over our front yard, throwing balls with Hart, and doing hand stand competitions.

We wanted to go inside. We wanted to get dinner. It had been a long day. We could simply ignore them and go on our way, close our house up tight, turn off the lights, and shut ourselves down.

It was cold and two of the boys were out in just t-shirts. I ran inside and pulled out what I could find from the attic, stored one day for Cai. A jacket I found at a park one time. Gloves I bought on clearance for $1. Long sleeved t-shirts from a thrift shop. Mumbling to myself about how their parents would let them out without those things on. Maybe they didn't have any. Who knows. 

They did now. I had wished I'd had more. I'll be on the lookout for some coats now, for sure.

As the body of Christ, we need to be a people that don't pull away, close ourselves off, and not interact with those around us. Sure, Halloween can be "evil" or "dark" or "Satan's evil holiday." It can be about witches and ghosts.

Or it can be good.

We, as Christians, make it about the Lord. We, as Christians, shine our lights brighter. We don't do it to blend in or participate in evil things, but to use every means possible to advance the gospel for Christ. We do it for His glory and so that they may know Jesus, their Savior.

God shows you how if you just open yourselves up to be used by Him, especially today of all days.

"No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light. Luke 11:33

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