Lovin' Fall


It definitley feels like Fall here in SC! While I always hate to see Summer go, I'm loving what the Fall brings! Today, I  spent $4 at Wendy's, grabbed Cai and I a baked potato, ceasar salad (eating lettuce like the giraffes!), and some chicken nuggets, and went to the zoo for an impromptu mommy/son date. We are LOVING our upgraded Zoo membership! Thanks, Papa!
My just turned two year old is 36 1/2'', which means, he can ride the ponies. I really didn't know what he would do, but when I asked him, if he wanted to ride a horse, he nodded his head. Didn't protest to wear the helmet, and literally almost jumped onto the horses back. He was so happy to do it!
Because there were no other children in line, he got to ride twice. Pretty sure, he would have done it a 3rd time.
I am loving getting to wear leggings, socks, and boots, and sweater dresses (thanks, LeLe). Did you know this sock/sweater/boot thing is sort of a fad right now? I made the jeggings last night at a girl's craft night with my friends (Mer, Carla, Laura, Lauren, and Jessica). We had a blast sewing!

On an adoption related note, we got to read our home study on our family! It was AWESOME! I was thankful that it was mostly true to a tee. It reflected a very God loving home, ready to welcome a little one 0 - 2 that understood the trauma an adopted child will go through.

The funny aspects were that Hart's saddest memory was when the "Gamecocks lost 21 straight games in a row." I am not lying. That is what my husband wrote down or jokingly wrote down! Hahaha! I about peed my pants laughing when I read that. At least we know we take our Gamecock football seriously around here!

And the other funny thing was that it said our church affiliation was Methodist and that we attended a Methodist church regularly. We aren't sure where they came from?

Those are not big deals and my social worker said we can update our home study at the 1 year mark if we want. I am praying we get our child before that one year mark, but I don't know what God's plan is.
Naomi and Cai got to spend the past several days together over at their MiMi & Pop's house! Hannah brought Turner and Naomi down for a few days while Mike was working a night stretch. The kids loved playing together. I also made Naomi some Jeggings.
And a scarf!
Usually it is not Cai hugging Naomi, but Naomi hugging Cai. Naomi is your typical nurturer and Cai is your typical "leave me alone guy". Naomi holds Cai's hand. Cai says, "NO!" Cai pulls his hand away. He's your typical boy. We are trying to get away from, "NO!" to "Not now, please." But they are typical 2 year olds! SO.very.funny. We took some video of them spinning around and around laughing and falling down over and over again. They were cracking each other UP!

And there's your "Bring in Fall" Traylor-style! Hope you enjoyed it!

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