My husband the Realtor


Today, Hart is officially becoming a Realtor! I know... fancy smancy pants! He has to take the final classes today and technically he's no longer just yo' average real estate agent, but rather... a fancy smancy pants REALTOR! I'm SO very proud of him and all his accomplishments, because to be honest, they are not his doing, but from the Lord, and he will be the first one to tell you that! He came home with great news last week that an offer had been put on one of his listings and Hart just pointed and said, "God did it, not me!" It reminded me of how my Grampie used to say, "This is the Lord's house, not mine." It is God that moves and blesses us in this real estate economy, because he ultimately owns the "houses on a thousand hills"! He brings the buyers and sellers and listings! It was an encouragement to continue praying that God would continue moving and blessing when he sees fit!

I constantly pray that the Lord God would make Hart a light for Christ in the work place, that he would have the favor of the Lord resting upon his head, that he would be wise and honorable, and that he would be respected at the city gates, a man of his word, and someone other's go to for advice, because he seeks the Lord our God in everything!

I can truly say, this is the man God has made him to be!

Please continue praying:
-That this company that Hart and Charlie are building here in Columbia, would shine for God's glory
-That God would bring them more buyers, sellers, and listings, and rentals to their property management side, which has grown ten-fold in 6 short months! (PTL!)
-That their reputation would be blemish-free, and that people in this city would realize that they have been set apart, are different, and honorable.
-That God would bring them more QUALITY realtors and that he would grow their company, that it would thrive and flourish.
-And personally... that this current offer would go through, and that God would sell Hart's other listing, bring him more listings, buyers, and sellers.

Thank you SO much for your continued prayers. They are truly appreciated and truly help!

Love in Christ,

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