Gamecock Football '12


Hart and I were super blessed by our friends, The Shicks, who gave us 4 tickets to the first USC football game! Hart and I had a date and enjoyed the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 50 yardline club seats! Yep! We enjoyed ourselves! Nice to get away from el bebe and have a date for once!
I thought it was really funny when I saw a FB post that Hart wrote on my wall back in 2006... it was when we were first dating and he said...

"i had a great time with you yesterday as well! it's slowly becoming reality! and YES, football season is almost here! and i'm excited that you're going to experience that with me! are you ready to see this other side of me? i don't know if you can handle it!!!" 

I don't know, Hart Traylor... can I handle it? (back then... still sportin' the white visor)
and me in a little black dress...  

Aw, and while I'm reminiscing... my sweet friend...steph
I had my ostomy in this photo (above). That feels like a lifetime ago.

Anywho... we had fun at the game where East Carolina got smashed and all the fans left in the beginning of the 3rd quarter and Spurrier got mad about it. That game. 
The new jumbo-tron is seriously jumbo and our band actually looked together and played well for once... good job, new band director!
I love my hard core gamecock fan of a husband so much! 

Thanks, Shick Family! Anytime. Haha!

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