First Day of "School" Blog Post


We made sort of a last minute decision that we had been contemplating for a few months, to start Cai with at a drop in nursery or a Mom's Morning Out type thing 1 x per week.

It's been a little rough on this mama! I know I need it with all my responsibilities around this house, my dance studio job, and needing a little time to myself!
 Cai has always had some pretty crazy separation anxiety, so of course, he cried and pitched a fit when I left, but was happy as a lark when I picked him up 45 minutes later. We are starting with short intervals until he gets used to it. And we are taking him for just an hour or so at a time until he feels comfortable.

In an effort to calm myself down (I couldn't sleep), I stayed up making some adorable labels to put on all his stuff!
Is this hilarious, that I was so anxious for my child to do this?
Even last night, AFTER his first day, I was still anxious and Hart had to talk to me over and over until I fell asleep.

My concerns:
Is it okay, that even though it's a CHURCH even your own Aunt's church where she works, it's not really an overtly CHRISTIAN program? (They call it an outreach, but I got no real Jesus vibe to it). Yes. He's just playing with other kids for a couple hours a week to learn social skills and how to interact with other people, so you can get stuff done. If this were full-time, that would be different. 
Am I throwing my baby to the wolves? No. You're crazy. 
I don't know his teachers very well. Is it okay, if THEY aren't Christians? Yes. It's ok. I'm sure they love what they do. You have several Christian friends that recommend this. They like it. I'm sure you will, too.
He doesn't know anybody. He will make new friends. 
It's so hard to leave him when he's crying. You know he gets over it as soon as you're gone. He needs to know there are times mommy and daddy will leave him. He needs to know we always come back for him.
Are you sure it's good for him? Yes! He's getting to play and have fun with other kids. He's getting to play with new toys. He's getting to go to music classes. He's getting to do crafts. He's getting structured activities, learning how to cooperate in a group setting, learning how to share, obey authority outside of family, obey rules, have FUN!

Looks like I'M the one with separation anxiety! Jeez, louise! I remember that I was the kid that hated being left. IN fact, my mom couldn't even leave me at day care (although this isn't daycare). I cried the whole time in a day care type setting as a young child. Bad memories...  

But the main thing is that I think this is an avenue that Satan wants to creep in and steal my joy.

So... I'm trying not to let that happen, even though it's tough. I really do need some time each week to be able to work on studio stuff, work on house stuff, or use it to focus on the Lord, so I don't think it's a bad thing at all.

I think as a stay at home mom, we can convince ourselves that the reason we are home is that we don't pay for child care, that we can do it on our own, that we don't "NEED" that time every once in awhile to re-charge. Satan can guilt you so much as a mom any way you proceed. I'm going to trust the Lord, even in this situation and trust that he's the one in control of Micaiah, and trust that if it's not "good" for him that God would show us that. 

We'll see how it goes and if it doesn't work out, then we'll change our course of action!

And now this is the part where you mamas can laugh/reassure me....

*Oh, and I forgot the negative of being around so many different kids... Cai threw up in the night in his bed (cried out for me once, but must have passed back out in his throw up), then threw up again this am, and now I'm feeling queasy...*

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