When moving to a big boy bed, I would lie down with Cai at the start of each nap for about a week or so. We would have to discipline him each and every time if he got out of bed, but for that very first part of the transition, I didn't mind lying down alongside him for him to get used to his bed. It was actually fun to watch him fall asleep and see how he comforts himself rubbing his blankey on his face and sucking his thumb. And boy is he a jumpy one when he falls asleep!

Before too long though, that got a little old and we eventually just had to get stricter that if he got out of bed, he got a spanking. Being as young as he is, he really couldn't handle getting down off his bed to play, so now he usually stays in bed, and if he does happen to get down and play AFTER his nap, then we don't mind. Most times though, he stays in his bed until we get him. Teaching him to stay in bed took about a week, but he did great, even at 21 months old.

Moving to the big boy bed, poses an interesting "dilemma" when he needs to nap somewhere else. We can't put him in a pac n play anymore, so he's been napping on beds, which is nice we don't need extra equipment. If we are somewhere other than home, I generally still lie down with him at the start of his nap.

Or his mimi does...
It's great that his MiMi, Grandmama, and others can get him to take a nap on their beds. I think they enjoy this nap time as much as he does!

Yep, that's a gymnastics mat... We've even gotten him to take naps at the dance studio a few times when I've needed to be out there working. Granted this is not ideal, as he usually doesn't sleep very long, but on days when he HAS to have something it's better than nothing!

It's just nice that he's a lot more versatile now! I remember feeling like I could never get him to sleep as a baby, but maybe that was more me not being laid back, than him!

He still loves reading books before naps in his bed, especially when Uncle Tyler is there with him!

At 23 months Cai still naps 2ish hours, sometimes more if he's worn out. About 1:15/1:30 - 3:30ish.

His bedtime is 7:30/8 pm and he sleeps around 11 - 12 hours at night.

Sleep is so important, so I really try to be a sleep natzi as much as possible, but we have those exceptional days where he just crashes on the couch every now and then...

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