Micaiah loves his friends!


Micaiah is loving his friends right now. He loves and prays for "Charlie and Israel" whenever I ask him who he wants to pray for, and he loves "Thacher" and "Thatcher's House" quite a bit.

I took care of Charlie and Israel one day last week and Thatcher today for a few hours at "Thatcher's House". Cai loves them!

 And they loved Micaiah's swings... when watching 3 rambunctious little boys, it's just best to stay outside... they are WILD together! haha!

Thatcher and Cai loved being inside whatever they could find. Thatcher and Cai play AMAZINGLY well together. It's unbelievable how they entertain each other with not many fights, etc. I think it's because Thatcher is so laid back! haha!
Hugs all around!
"A little Paul hugging a little Hart!" haha! (So true, Carla!)

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