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I know it's 9/11 and I really have been reflecting on the past. I remember that day like no other, but today, our family has some exciting news to celebrate!

First off, Benjamin Turner Dixon was born with a head chock full of hair at 7lbs 9 oz this morning! Micaiah is so excited! I explained everything I could to him about how Turner was in Aunt Hannah's tummy and now she can hold him in her arms! As we were driving home from co-op, I turned off the interstate towards home and Cai got so upset, and started mumbling/crying and pointing out the window saying "Turner!!!" and I realized he must have thought we were going to see him right then! When we got home, he got right out of his carseat and started walking towards the road pointing for Turner. Then, he got in his cozy coupe car like he was going to go himself if he could! He wanted to meet his cousin!
We are so amazed at how God is blessing this family!

And the other exciting tid bit of news is that we heard back from our social worker FINALLY. Hart emailed her on Monday saying that it had been a month since our home study and he wanted to know when we would be cleared for approval.

She wrote today "I got the rough draft of your home study back from my supervisor today and will be scanning and e-mailing it to the CI to do final corrections. Once I get that back, then my supervisor, the CI, and myself have to sign it for you to be formally approved."

That means we are {this} close to being approved!

As always, we know it is in God's perfect timing! It will just be so nice to be officially approved and ready and waiting! It's been a long, but good 8 months thus far! And of course, it would be awesome if we got "the call" 2 weeks from now... haha... then we could have 2 sets of cousins exactly 2 weeks apart! JK!

For now, we are all going to celebrate sweet Turner! Love him!

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