Traylor Adoption Timeline


I saw my friend Alisha,  who is adopting (with us!) through DSS, do an Adoption Timeline (just yesterday) and I thought it was really a neat idea! They have basically sped through their adoption in 5 months from start to their homestudy and we are definitely the slow starters taking our sweet time, so I think it's fun to see those differences! Enjoy!

2006 - Hart and I were dating. Discussed Adoption if we ever got married due to my surgeon saying it may be difficult to have children due to scar tissue from my surgeries.

September 14th, 2010 - Micaiah's Birth Day. Hart and I looked at each other over his little hospital bin during our hospital stay and said to each other.... "Want to adopt the next one?!" The pre-eclampsia towards the end of my pregnancy, the c-section, and my bowel complications thereafter sort of "sealed the deal" for us, even though the end result was incredible!

October 2011 - Hart and I requested DSS paperwork be sent to us. We inquired about when the orientations were. We decided we weren't ready to start official paperwork.

January 2012 - Hart and I felt like the Lord was leading us to pursue adoption more, we inquired about the next orientation.

February 2012 - Emailed our application and the first chunk of paper work to our social worker. Did finger printing. Later in the month, emailed the rest of our paperwork to our social worker.

March 2012 - Worked on getting our Medicals done. Met our Social Worker to fill out the hardest part of this journey... the child factor's checklist.

April 2012 - Completed 14 hours of training back to back Saturdays. Met these fun friends! Got put on the waiting list for DHEC 11 ahead... they must tell everyone that! (waited 2 - 2.5 weeks to get the call)

May 1st,  2012 - Received our letter saying our DHEC inspection would be on May 8th.

May 8th, 2012 - DHEC inspection of our home. We failed due to chipping lead paint around the back of our house. We had to rectify the areas, before we could continue on.

May 14th, 2012 - We got our Fire Extinguisher serviced. Installed new smoke alarms, and made a Fire Plan. 

May 21st 2012 - Fire Inspection. We failed due to the window size in our next child's bedroom. The window was only 4.5 square feet, not 5 square feet.

June - (4th) Spent this month getting quotes on a new window.  Then getting the new casement window installed (22nd).

June 27th - Fire Inspection Re-inspection. PASSED!!!

July - Let it be known that nothing "seemingly" got done for either the Harris' or us. DSS must not really work in July, jk. We were told we were ready and waiting for our Home study at the end of June after our  last FI. Mid July, I found out they were missing Cai's Medical Form AND hadn't pulled our Fire Inspection like they said they would at the end of June. I quickly scanned in all of the above and emailed it to them. Two weeks later, I checked in and it still seemed completely unclear as to where our family's case was at with things. Finally, after more clarification emails that yes, in fact, our window had been replaced over a month ago, and yes, our Fire inspection HAD been re-done by the Fire Marshall, we were ready and waiting (for REAL) for our Home Study to be sent out.

August 5th & 6th - Home Study back-to-back visits were held and completed!

NOW, we wait for APPROVAL and our child!

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