Shark Attack Gerlach!


We went swimming a couple weeks ago with my friend Carla at her pool! She's since had her 3rd little boy! Cai is blessed with some amazing little friends! He loves "Charlie" and "Israel" so much! Without realizing it, our boys matched in their little swim shirts! It was just too cute! We had to snap some photos!
It reminded me of this picture last summer...
I know... no Gerlachs pictured above, but the cuteness and Cai's friends type thing... haha!
I love how Issie just cheeses when you tell him to smile! haha!
Cai and Israel play really well together! They also have matching puddle jumpers...
Israel is just too cool for school in my shades...

Cai trying to be cool, too...

Now Charlie and Israel have a new baby brother, little Meyer! So fun! I visited him and gave him this little hat (2 days old!)
Cai kept saying "MY-ER! MEY-ER!!!" when he saw his photo wearing the hat I made! haha! Pretty sure he'll love that Gerlach, too!

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