Little Barista


Cai is really getting into imaginative play at almost 2! It's really fun to see his imagination come out more and more! We have a microwave cart that holds some extra appliances on it, including our Keurig, crockpot, george forman grill, all of which get turned into his little cooking station.

Who needs a play kitchen when you have a real kitchen?
 I usually put a few marshmellows AND a few real coffee beans in his coffee mug (it's not real coffee if I don't, apparently). He lifts the Keurig lid, closes it, pushes buttons, brews me a cup of joe. Eats Marshmellows.
And, of course, we brew up some animal stew.... you never know what you mind find in there... lion, cow, turtle, hippo... all amazingly delicious together.

I'm thankful this little kitchen activity keeps him happy while I'm getting things done!

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