Cai is almost 2! Just about one month from 2! I need to get on birthday planning! I was much more motivated for his first birthday than this year

In getting an almost 2 year old, hearing them talk is just completely funny sometimes! Cai is constantly growing his vocabulary and really, I think he talks really well for an almost 2 year old! Every time I pick him up from church, they always tell me he just chatters away. Right now, he's playing alone in his room and he's just talking, constantly about everything he's doing. It's hilarious.

My favorite things right now are:
"Oh! NO! Happened!" - Oh, no! What happened? Says this every time something falls or gets dropped.
"Please. Ask. Nicely." - He says it this way when he wants something.
"Power Showers" - Power Rangers
"Hmm, Let's see!" - He gets this directly from me!
"Walldoo" - Waldo from the Where's Waldo book.
"nElmos" - Animals (it took me forever to figure this one out!)
"Hand! Mommy! Play!" - takes my hand and makes me play with him
"S!!!!" - UPS truck
"Mama! Taste! Good!" - wants a bite
"Hand. Pray!" - He wants to hold your hand at dinner prayer time.
"Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. EIGHT! nine. ten. lleven. twelve. thirteen." then he starts over. He always starts counting at THREE, not one.
"uh oh, spaghettoes" - Uh, oh, spaghettios.
"hot, malees" - Hot! Tamales! - we say this when getting into our hot carseat! ha!
"Wick!" Wogurt" - Lick, yogurt.
 "cubbers" - covers
"do dis" - Do this!
"SIX! SIX!" - Fix! Fix! 

We will sing "I like to move it, move it! I like to move it, movit! I like to..." He replies loudly "MOVE DIT!" 
Sings Twinkle Twinkle little star unprompted on his own, the Alphabet song (sings letters he knows on his own)

Something that is cute, but won't be in a few months when he gets it completely down is his POUTING... he totally sucks in his bottom lip and breathes really heavy... I really try not to laugh.

Goodness, I wish I could record all that he is saying. It's really awesome! 

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