Micaiah at 22 months


I've realized that I really slacked keeping up with my family blogging this summer, so instead of trying to line up a bunch of posts, we'll do a quick little summary right here together! Our days together, just me and Cai have been a lot of fun this summer. Sometimes I think I'm not doing enough with him at home, or that I don't do enough enriching activities, or that we have a boring home life. I think those are lies from Satan to make me get down, because it is clear that we have our own "enriching" activities you might not find in any day care.

We play with Felt boards.

We play ON our water table, silly goose. This is probably dangerous, but clearly very fun.

We wrangle Abe while wearing our "cow-boots", enjoying milk from pink cups.

We wear pants on our head singing, "Pants on your head! Pants on your head! Lookin' like a FOOL with Pants on your head!"

We fingerpaint our bodies and table with yogurt, making yogurt staches.

And pass out on the couch for nap time.

Then, become human Mr. Potato heads. Cai was putting these in his ears and body 'holes'. I realized it might not be safe to leave him alone with these any longer. But it was hilarious all the same!

So, I guess what I'm saying, is that just a glance at one month in photos reveals that we do have plenty of "learning" activities, and I guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself! 

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