Adoption Update: Waiting on Approval


To give you an adoption update, there hasn't been much news. We are currently waiting on our APPROVAL from DSS to begin "waiting" for our next child. At any point after they approve us, we could get a match! However, they have told us, it will be a "very, very long time".

When I hear/think about that, I think back to how my surgeon told me that I would probably not be able to get pregnant when I was only  20 years old, not even thinking about having babies. That it could be very difficult.

I remember thinking in my heart, you are NOT God and God will open my womb when he is ready.

Welp, that happened alright. It was not hard, or difficult. In fact, the complete opposite. I had to convince myself that it was "okay" we got pregnant so fast! Especially when dear friends of ours had been trying awhile.

So, my thoughts in my heart remain similar to that day in the doctor's office.

God will bring this child when he is ready. I'm not in a bigger hurry than God.

Almost nightly, if I ask Cai to pray, he has his own little list he likes to pray for:

-Ree Ree and Galicia (our next door neighbor kids)
-Usually grandparents come next
-Everybody (seriously, he asks to pray for EVERYBODY! Like I wish my heart was that much like Jesus that EVERY day I wanted to pray for EVERYBODY in the world.
-A BOY... I have no idea why he always asks to pray for a boy, but he does, so we do.

I have this crazy feeling that as much as I want a girl, and as much as my current nursery is looking fru-fru (maybe?) We are without a doubt going to have a boy. And only, because Cai, seriously, prays for a BOY every night.
The work in progress nursery... my mom got this Ikea crib canopy! I love it! But I have a lot to do in here to get ready for ANY child, boy or girl!

Won't it be exciting when it DOES actually happen?

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