Voting Ends Today! Please Vote for The Mather Co.!


***Voting Ends TODAY at 5pm! If you haven't already, please go and vote for The Mather Company (best real estate company) and for Charlie Mather (best agent)! Thank y'all so much for your support!***

Hey everyone, this is Hart. If you remember last year I posted on here requesting y'all to vote for The Mather Company as real estate company of the year, and my boss, Charlie, as real estate agent of the year. Well, the company didn't win, however, my boss did!

Well, the polls are open and voting has begun for the 2012 year. And we would greatly appreciate your votes! This is an annual thing our local newspaper does, The State. If we win, then we get featured in the newspaper. So it's great exposure for us.

The way it works is you'll have to go to the following website. There you'll see a list of 92 categories. In order to submit a vote, you must complete at least 30 of the categories. To make it easier for you, I'm providing a list below with (I think it's about) 38 suggested categories. Of course, you are more than welcome to fill this out with your own choices. But we would greatly appreciate you putting The Mather Company as your favorite Real Estate company. Also, for real estate agent of the year, of course if you already know someone, then by all means, vote for them! But if you don't, I am a real estate agent, however, I don't actively promote myself. So I would much rather Charlie win agent of the year again.

So here is my list of suggestions:

The State Best Of
1 - Columbia Museum of Art (Art Gallery)
2 – EdVenture (Children’s Entertainment)
6 – Town Theater (Stage Theater)
9 – Miyos (Chinese Food)
10 – No Name Deli (Deli/Sandwich Shop)
11 – Chickfila (Fast Food)
12 – Divine Foods (Greek Food)
13 – Carrabas (Italian)
14 – Hibachi Express (Japanese Food)
15 – Casa Linda (Mexican Food)
16 – Bone Fish Grill (Seafood)
18 – Bojangles (Biscuits)
19 – Pawleys Front Porch (Burgers)
21 – Sonic (Hotdogs)
22 – Docs Bar BQ (BarBQ)
23 – DiPratos (Brunch)
24 – Zaxbys (Chicken)
25 – Cupcake (Dessert)
26 – Marble Slab (Ice Cream)
27 – Tony O’s (Pizza)
28 – California Dreaming (Salad)
29 – Bone Fish Grill (Steak)
30 – Taco Sushi (Sushi)
31 – Carolina Wings (Wings)
33 – Creative Sewing Center (Art Supply/Craft Store)
54 – Play it Again Sports (Sporting Good Store)
55 – Nuttall Tire (Tire Store)
63 – Chucks Auto (Auto Repair)
66 – Constan Car Wash (Car Wash)
68 – Gilbert Studio of Dance Arts (Dance Studio)
70 – Ben Jett (Dentist)
71 – Bens Dry Cleaner (Dry Cleaner)
77 – Lexington Hospital (Place to have a baby)
80 – The Mather Company (Real Estate Company)
81 – Charlie Mather (Real Estate Agent)
82 – 1st Choice Exterminating (Pest Control)
83 – Photos by JeeJee (Photographer) - JeeJee is the photographer we use to take pictures of all of our listings. She does a great job! We and she would really appreciate you voting for her!
85 – Kay Plumbing (Plumber)

And here is the link to go vote:

Thank you all so much for taking the time to do this for us! We really appreciate it!

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