Krista's Rehearsal & Wedding


So, back to sharing my step-sister's wedding. I hope you voted for The Mather Company!!!

She had her rehearsal dinner at this awesome little Spanish Restaurant in downtown Alexandria! We were up in this loft area and they served us the most amazing Tapas that I have ever had... (even when I lived in Spain!) They were SO good! And the Sangria was amazing!

Then, the next day, I went up to visit the Bride getting ready and her dress and all the other details were just stunning!
I really wasn't able to get very many good photos of the ceremony. There was no natural light and I was juggling a not-so-happy-or-quiet toddler and also read scripture during the ceremony, so Hart had the camera and unfortunately we didn't have the best view, hence the guys head in front of us...
 But they did say "I Do!" And publicly recognized their marriage to us all! Whoohoo!

Then, there was a cocktail hour and we did a few family photos with the bride.
Krista's reception had some really fun purpley hue'd lighting! It gave it a cool ambiance, for sure and everything was so beautiful! It was a sit down dinner and it was great food!
And after dinner, boy did we dance... especially Cai! That child has some MOVES! He was the first one on the dance floor and he would swing his arms all around and shake his hips to the beat and then he would go ask others to dance. I mean, he was only 20 months! It was hilarious!
Probably my favorite picture of the night was Cai and my brother in law's nephew, Landon.
 We let Cai stay up until 9:30 (an hour and a half - 2 hrs past his bedtime) partying it up, then Hart kindly took him upstairs to our hotel room and put him down for the night, while I enjoyed the rest of the party. I was sad to see them go, but he was zonked out and crashed as soon as Hart put him down! It was a very tiring weekend, for sure, but we had a great time!
I promise you... he would have kept dancing if we had not taken him upstairs! What a hoot!

Thank you, Daddy for all you did to make this weekend possible for us. And to Krista and Jim for a beautiful wedding event. And to Rebecca for getting Cai his little suit and letting me borrow some of your jewels. We truly appreciate all of it!

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