Going for a Walk with PaPa & Beckah


My step sister celebrated her marriage at the Westin in Alexandria, VA. Both the wedding and the reception were held at the hotel. My dad was very sweet and got us a hotel room at the Westin. It was very nice and convenient and we loved walking around Alexandria in our spare time. Cai loves his PaPa, but his "Bec-Kah" has a special place in his heart, too. He asks about PaPa and BecKah quite a lot.
 Checking in!
 Going for a walk to get something to eat!
 So cute!
 Cai absolutely LOVED being on his PaPa's shoulders! My dad would walk Cai through the branches and the leaves would run over his face and he thought it was HILARIOUS!

 I thought it was funny that these shorts that I made Cai were sagging in the rear! Cute diaper booty that I hope is an underwear booty soon! We definitely did NO potty training "per se" on the trip, using disposables, etc, but he still went on the potty a good bit, too, which is always lovely!

We enjoyed our little walks around somewhere new! 

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